Alaric campbell was born and raised in Queens, New York. His love for photography began at the early age of seven when his mother gave him his first camera. Alaric’s studied at the School of Visual Arts where he specialized in fine art and commercial photography. Alaric is best known for his portrait photography. Recently he has begun making images using his mobile. The primary subjects of this body of work are defaced subway posters, poetic vandalism, the NYC Subway and NYC Street stories. Alaric has curated numerous art exhibits in New York and Miami, including Urban Renaissance, a charity auction event honoring Danny Simmons and RUSH philanthropic and The Fearless Artist Popup Gallery during Miami Art Basel. He is also the principal curator for ArteRoTica, a monthly event that features the erotic art of established and emerging artists across the country.Alaric resides in Brooklyn, NY with his wife, son and daughter

Leon’s Bio:

I was born in the 70s. Raised in New York, the land of Timbs and fitted caps. It was a grittier time in the streets of downtown Brooklyn. I remember crack vials littering the streets like sunflower seeds. David’s, of course. 8 Ball jackets. Decepticons. Lo-Lifes. Farragut and Fort Greene projects. But, now Brooklyn looks like a Hollywood studio. C’est la vie! I attended Fisk University, an HBCU in Nashville. I didn’t earn my degree from Fisk, but I still go to homecomings when I can. I’ve also lived in Tennessee, Georgia, Ohio and New Hampshire.  I have a Bachelors and an MBA. They live in a box somewhere. I use them occasionally in my day job. Word to Big Bird, in my next life, I’m going to pay more attention in my math and science classes. I drink whiskey, eat bodega sandwiches and I low key hate watermelon. I have two sons.

Mack’s Bio:

Mack, the creator of Decoding 40 Podcast, who brought the guys together and developed it from scratch, was born in the 70’s to two beautiful bougie parents. A Real Estate broker and a CPA. He was destined to be an entrepreneur. A Queens guy through and through. A born and bread New Yorker. Startup Founder. Techie. Marketer. Teacher. An early adopter with an eye for what’s next. Mack has invented new technologies, built apps and managed million-dollar budgets for companies looking to take their brand to the next level. Mack is destined to end up owning an app that’s on your phone one day. But for now, he’s hanging out with his friends, drinking and talking ****. As the moderator of the show, he tries to bring order to chaos through the fog of calamity to hold the show together and the keep the comedy coming.

Vincent Perez

Vincent Perez was born in Queens NY on November 2nd 1973. He is the youngest of two brothers born from Hector & Anna Teresa Perez. Vincent was a shy but funny kid and learned quickly that being a class clown would help him fit in and be excepted. His older brother Hector was born severely autistic, not like Rainman counting cards in Vegas autism, real pull his dick out and piss in the street autistic. Hector’s autism was always a soft spot for Vincent and if anyone dared to say anything about his brother he would go in on that person. “Going in”, “snapping” or the “playing the dozens” was Vincent’s way to even the score. At a young age Vincent picked up the art of impressionism from various TV shows. He lived in a highly concentrated Caribbean area of Queens where his keen ear helped him pick up many accents. Vincent grew up and through the years developed his comedic and impression skills where he would entertain his close friends and family. Finally, with the encouragement of his girlfriend and friends he did stand-up at Gotham Comedy club in New York City. Vincent has done stand-up and some improv on and off but mostly off. Vincent’s friends will often call him the greatest comedians that never was. Vincent is currently working on breaking into the voice over game so he can showcase his many voices. On days when Vincent is not working a day job he hates, he does a podcast with his friends called Decoding 40. A podcast dealing with various issues that affect black men in their 40’s. It’s on this podcast that Vincent gets to showcase his comedic and impressionist talents.