Racists Aint Sh*t But Hoes and Tricks | Episode 10

On this week’s episode we meet Jaysin with an I. A typical sweater hat wearing gentrifier with a beard from the Mid-West.

From police officers to voting, we explore the different facets of society and how America as a whole cares or doesn’t care. We then talk about internet models. Is it all about thirst trapping and fishing for likes?

In this week in racism we talk about the drunken white man who calls black patrons “The N-Word” and “monkeys” inside a restaurant. He is then very bad things happen.

Mack shares his experiences working for the Post Office, working the system and getting smacked by a supervisor. Finally, we all agree, the worse thing about getting old is not being able to bounce back from partying like we did in our 20’s and not being able to eat what we want. No more bread, cakes, ice cream and apparently ketchup.

Hope you guys enjoy this episode and don’t forget to listen to a new episode every Friday.. PEACE!

Machine Gun Funk – Miami Edition | Episode 9

In this special Miami Edition, we record from beautiful Miami, Florida. We’re here for Mack’s Bachelor’s Party and we’re having a ball! Don’t miss as we discuss the amazing and not so amazing food (pizza) we experienced.

Jussie Smollett walks! and we don’t care… We talk shooting machine guns and a 50 caliber rifle at Lock and Loaded Miami and why the headphones that they have should be mass marketed to married guys. Of course, we follow that up with IF should we own guns at all…

Then we hit Coyo Taco and we meet the drunk triple fisting Chocolate Rain guy with Falling Down glasses as he tries to start up a random conversation.

Somehow we touch on the Mennonites, selling encyclopedias and Kirby vacuum cleaners back in the day. The difference between a Pyramid scheme and a Sou-Sou and should Jordan Peele put white folks in his movies.

Lastly, we discuss dealing with the police over 40 versus dealing with police when we were younger.

Come laugh and hang out with the Decoding 40 crew.

When Good Hairlines Go Bad | Episode 8

In this week’s episode we explore dog park racism, we do a re-enactment of the Florida “hey hoe!” Arrest, we offer ways to call the police on white folks, the dangers of smacking Leon’s car and how we feel about NOT giving that “EXTRA” apology.

We also discuss jaywalking tickets, todays teachers going after young men of color and if AFFLUENZA is a real thing. Lastly, we go all the way in on hairlines, WHO needs to give up and go full baldie and we sing a song for Steven A. Smith’s Barber…

Don’t play yourself and miss this one!

Good Friday After Next | Episode 7

In this jam packed episode we talk Miss Cleo’s legacy, we explore a transgender Olympics, why Mack wore Uncle Phil’s Sweater, getting caught by your mom having sex, teacher’s who sexually abuse their young male students of color, and what would happen to the world if the church collapsed! Come hang out with us, let go and laugh…