Dry Reparations | Episode 20

This week we turn our focus to the serious topic of reparations.  Should the African American community receive them or is it too late? Next we discuss the case of Marshae Jones, the Alabama woman who was shot while pregnant during an altercation.  Under pressure from abortion rights groups she was charged for the murder of her unborn child.  Crazy, right? But, not crazier than the turn we take next about Alabama Governor Kay Ivey.  Would she support banning abortion if she was younger and her vagina was not as dry as her face? 

We round the hour out with discussing which genre of music is more accepting: country or hip hop?  We also discuss ways that we maintain our own mental health and our experiences with therapists.  And, lastly we wrap up the show with a nostalgic discussion about video games and game consoles.

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Glass Half Full Racist | Episode 19

This week is another mixed bag of hilarious conversation discussing stories on New York City subway to cheap and questionable airlines. Then we tackle a host of topics including whether or not Black people can be racists, the problem with shady postal carriers and other delivery persons. We also discuss whether or not men and women can have meetings in casual or potentially compromising settings.

We finish up the hour talking about media biases and the manipulation of news leading to uninformed and brainwashed citizens.  And, with the 2020 election quickly approaching, should the politicians maintain the high road or is it time for them to take the gloves off and fight fire with fire. 

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Lead Chips and Dip | Episode 18

We’re backkk! What’s good Decoding 40 family? Hope everyone had a great holiday.

This week’s episode starts off with a song from L.O. and a reenactment of the calls that we all miss or avoid from LIFE!

We start off with a discussion about dealing with contractors and their ability to capitalize on our fears and ignorance when it comes to home repairs.  Alaric tells us about his recent run-in with lead abatement and shady contractor practices.  

This leads us into the astronomical cost of health coverage in this country and how one trip to the hospital can change your financial life.  And, speaking of changes, we then talk about the growing trend of couples deciding to blend their last name when getting married versus the traditional practice of wives taking on their husband’s last name. Is it a time-honored tradition or an archaic idea?

We round out the show with the Black man that America loves to hate O.J. Simpson who has recently plunged into social media by recently joining Twitter. We also discuss reparations.  Will Black people ever get them?  If so, in what form should they be handed down.

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Stuntin' Like My Daddy | Episode 17

This week, the guys recap the details of their Father’s Day and Mack raises the bar with a captivating and explicit story about his dad meeting a woman at the senior residence home who may or may not have worked there.

They also give their take on the outrageous viral video of a kindergarten graduation where a young boy hurls an explicative or two at a teacher at the start of the ceremony. They explore some of the scenarios that could have driven the boy to be so vulgar. 

The discussion continues about reality television and some of the staples of the genre that include Jerry Springer and Maury Povich. They also tackle the question if reality shows are dumbing down the culture.

The guys round out the hour talking about the impact of the Golden Age of Hip Hop versus the current culture, imagery of Black people in film, television, and music, Lil Nas X and how he is connected to Joan Rivers and her Black History moment. And, finally, we give you our whiskey of the week. 

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Gimme The Loot | Episode 16

Episode 16 starts off with a trivia question. What is Sisqo’s most successful song? Here’s a hint, it’s not the Thong song or the remix.

The natural transition from the thong song is of course porn. The crew discusses their go to searches and we find out L.O. likes Bedstuy amateurs.

Next, we discuss possible 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s controversial idea to give every American an extra $1000 a month. Yang feels his idea is necessary because of the growing use of automation and artificial intelligence which is causing the human workforce to shrink. Will it really help the average citizen or will it lead to massive inflation?

Finally, Willy Strings stops by and answers some questions for the crew. We then get into a conversation about music, and the differences in taste we share with our significant others. We cover all genres from 90’s Hip Hop to Kendrick to Sade to Erika Badu.

Whiskey and Wu-Tang | Episode 15

In this episode… we’re on a world tour with Mack, my man, as Mack tells us about his honeymoon trip that starts across the pond and then to beautiful Grenada where he got to see the great Buju Banton and ending in the Crescent City of New Orleans.

Next, the crew discusses the Wu-Tang Clan and Sasha Jenkin’s four-part docuseries “Of Mics and Men” that gives color and texture to a true American success story. We also discuss the cultural and personal impact Wu-Tang has had in the world and in our own lives. 

We round out the show discussing the SUV versus minivan debate, when we typically gas up our cars and the unfortunate times we ran out of gas. Of course, there is a police harassment story involved. Check it out….

Movin' On Up | Episode 14

Welcome back to Decoding40. We’ve got more laughs and more stimulating conversation for you. 
We kick it off with an homage to one of the greatest Black shows, The Jeffersons, in a way that only Vincent can manage to take it just a little too far. 
In this episode, find out what happens when L.O. mistakenly switched out actual alcohol for Heineken 0.0.
First, we actually discuss, for real this time, the opioid crisis versus the crack epidemic and the impact that the pharmaceutical companies have had on society. And, the new prosecution that the biggest drug pushers on the planet are now facing. 
Next, we discuss the next presidential cycle and if the democrats are about to repeat the same mistakes of 2016.
Then, we talk about hoarders and the interesting treasures that one might be surprised or disgusted to find.  Alaric tells us a creepy story about the time he rescued his elderly neighbor who lived in massive hoard collection in Brooklyn.  
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Peace from Decoding40 crew!

Hello Google | Episode 13

Welcome back to Decoding40. This is lucky Episode 13 and it is seriously packed with a ton of laughter and opinions. 
We start off with one of the most popular tech arguments to date—Android versus Apple.  The crew gets into a heated discussion on which brand is better. Listen to see which brand wins. 
L.O. shares a bizarre story about a time when he met Jill Scott in her dressing room. 
The crew then trade stories on avoiding scams involving brand new cars, too good to be true apartments, and fake checks.  
Mack is getting married, so in the advice segment the crew shares its wealth of experience to the newest member of the ball and chain crew. 
Our public service announcement  this week is directed to all white people—not all Black and Brown people are out to get you.
Be sure to check out the libation segment and the start of the legend that is Random Rambling Burnett. 
As always, thanks for listening and we hope you tune in again next week. Peace.

Care Bears and Thug Deers | Episode 12

The episode begins with L.O. and Alaric sharing stories about customer service experiences at a clothing store and a popular taco in Miami.

We discuss the importance of personal space whether on the train, at a concert, or a bar. Mack then shares an uncomfortable encounter in San Francisco that gets a hilarious re-enactment.

Finally, we wrap up the show with a discussion on whether or not the Democrats should pursue impeachment or focus on the 2020 election.

We thank you for listening. Peace.